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VENOM Ferrofluid Speaker

VENOM Ferrofluid Speaker

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Embrace the New Era with Ferrofluid Speaker

Step into a new era of sound quality with the speaker's enhanced acoustics and 'Sound Sense' pickup mode. 

Immerse yourself in an elevated musical experience, designed for enthusiasts like you.

Explore the upgraded design, embracing excellence through our innovative ferrofluid technology.

Powerful Unit Upgrade

Experience elevated sound quality with Ferrofluid Speaker's exquisite acoustic architecture.

Our 10W Inner Magnetic Full-Range Speaker ensures crystal-clear sound, complemented by a precision-crafted passive radiator for unrivaled bass.

Elevate your audio experience from the inside out with our innovative ferrofluid technology.

HiFi-Grade Transducer, Unveiling the Essence of Original Sound

Precision HiFi Acoustic Tuning. With an Exclusively Engineered Sound Chamber. Offering an Unparalleled Auditory Expedition.


Meet Ferrofluid Speaker

Experience the Next-Level of Music: Immerse in 3D Surround Sound with Dynamic Music Visualization - Unleash the Power of Bluetooth 5.3 Technology.

Discover the Art of Sound with Our Intuitively Designed Speaker.


What is A Ferrofluid?

Ferrofluid, also known as magnetic fluid, is composed of magnetic solid particles with a diameter of nanometer order (below 10 nanometers), which has the fluidity of liquid and the magnetic properties of solid magnetic materials.

The magnetic fluid was developed by NASA to control fuel in zero-gravity spacecraft before fire.

It is often used in aerospace, precision instruments, chemical industry, electronics and other fields.

Due to the complexity of the production process of magnetic fluids, there are currently few laboratories in the world that can manufacture high-purity magnetic fluids.


Unleash the potential of ferrofluid technology

Apart from its outstanding sound quality, it pioneers "Magnetic Fluid Speakers" with a distinctive "Pick-up Mode".

This interactive auditory encounter undeniably enhances the joy in your musical journey.


Transcendent Transparency

Specially crafted for ferrofluid, the bottle is made from high borosilicate glass with over 90% light transmittance.

Its curved, seamless design ensures anintegral form, allowing ferrofluid to exhibit exceptional transparency, enabling observers to distinctly appreciate its flow and transformations.



  • Power type: lithium battery
  • Color: black, white, silver gray
  • Frequency range: 100HZ-20KHZ
  • Rated Power: 5
  • Rated Voltage: 5
  • Dimensions: 137mm * 137mm * 127m 


Packing list: 

  • Host x 1
  • Magnetic Fluid X1 
  • Adapter x1 
  • User Manual x1 
  • Magnet x1 

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